A perfect present

Buying a MacBook Bag as a Gift

If you’re buying a bag for a MacBook user as a gift, you need to give a lot of consideration to who you’re buying for and what their needs are. In particular, their gender will influence your choice.

Man or woman / boy or girl?

This goes without saying, but there’s no point in buying a handbag-style tote bag in pink for a man, unless he really wants to make a statement! Similarly, a large rugged backpack will not be suitable for a petite woman who favours glamour and/or business dress. Most bags have either a feminine or unisex look, with a small number leaning towards a more masculine image.

Type of user?

If the person you’re buying for is a college student who needs to carry a lot of stuff around along with their Macbook, you will want to think about a backpack or larger capacity shoulder/messenger bag with lots of pockets and compartments. If they’re a business user then a briefcase style bag will probably be the most suitable choice.

Personality of user?

If the user is a designer or creative genius (as so many Mac user are) or just very fashion conscious, there are plenty of designer bags to choose from. For someone who favours a more conservative look, there are also lots of plain black or brown options.

Girls and young women will love some of the brighly coloured totes on the market, and these have the added advantage of being able to disguise the fact that you’re carrying an expensive laptop around. Ideal for those who may feel vulnerable on the tube or subway.

Photographers, cyclists or outdoor pursuits enthusiasts will like some of the rough-and-ready backpacks which offer practicality, high protection and lots of pockets.